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Hi, I'm Steve, welcome to my website, I hope you find it informative and amusing. I am a highly regarded electric guitar and bass technician based in East Lothian, about 10 miles east of Edinburgh. I have many satisfied customers and I'm not afraid to take on a challenge, I regularly complete jobs other guitar technicians have turned down as too difficult, much to the delight of the customer. Unlike many guitar technicians I am not interested in getting as many guitars through my hands as possible, I will give a job as long as it needs to be completed to your satisfaction . . . . and mine!


I have been interested in guitars for many years inspired initially by Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple and Rainbow back in the ‘70s. I bought an acoustic and learned to play seeing myself as the next rock God, soon realised that wasn’t going to happen! I began working on guitars a number of years ago after picking up a neglected Fender Stratocaster and working on it myself to the point that is has become a highly regarded clone of Ritchie Blackmore’s Sunburst Strat from the late ‘70s. I fully admit I knew nothing when I started; I even fitted a set of pickups upside down but over the years I honed my skills, began working on friend’s guitars, then friends of friends until I was encouraged to make my skills generally available. I have made many contacts over the years including some of the top professionals in the field of electric guitar repairs and modifications; it was one of them who encouraged me to make my skills available, so I did!


My skills are available from everything from fitting a new set of strings to a full custom rebuild to the specifications of your favourite artist’s guitar. Over the years I have done Jimmy Page Les Pauls, Ritchie Blackmore Strats and Michael Schenker Flying Vs. These are not just cosmetic copies; I research the original and rebuild your guitars using the same parts (or closest modern equivalent), same electronics, and same modifications as the original. I have also gone on to make custom parts that are not generally available such as the ¼” stainless steel tremolo bar fitted to Ritchie Blackmore’s Strats. I have also built up a considerable knowledge of anti noise measures, shielding or fitting anti noise audio transformers. That is mainly due to my Sunburst Strat being such a close copy of Blackmore’s that I encountered the same noise problems that his tech had to do battle with! Although I primarily work on electrics I will do work on acoustics as well but not the likes of bodywork repairs, there are guys out there better at doing that than I am.


All work is done by myself; me and my two little assistants Milka & Abby that is, I never farm any work out. I can assure you that when your guitar is in my care it will be treated the same as my own.


So, if there’s anything I can do for you get in touch via the email link below.


My Assistants! Milka & Abbey

Contact Steve's Strats